Design of Microstrip Branch Line Coupler Phase Shifter in L-Band

  • Thiyam Romila Devi
  • Satyabrata Maiti
  • Abhishek Jena
  • Amlan Datta
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 309)


The goal of this paper is to analyze, simulate, and design a microstrip quadrature hybrid coupler phase shifter operating at resonant frequency of 1.5 GHz with input impedance of 50 \( \varOmega \). This works as a phase shifter to provide reflections which cancel at the input port and sum to a phase shifted version of the input on the fourth port. The microstrip line dimensions such as length, width, substrate dielectric constant, effective dielectric constant, and parameters like return loss, insertion loss, isolation and its desired phase shift are calculated using HFSS (version 13.0). The perfect 3 dB power division is observed at output port 2 and port 3 of around −3.6 and −3.4 dB at 1.6 GHz. The return loss and isolation are observed at port 1 and port 4 of around −36 and −22 dB at operating frequency of 1.6 GHz.


Branch-line coupler Microstrip line Insertion loss Isolation Return loss HFSS 


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  • Thiyam Romila Devi
    • 1
  • Satyabrata Maiti
    • 1
  • Abhishek Jena
    • 1
  • Amlan Datta
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Electronics EngineeringKIIT UniversityBhubaneswarIndia

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