MOS Combinational Circuits

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This chapter deals with metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) combinational circuits. The operation of pass-transistor logic circuits based on switch logic is explained and advantages and limitations of pass-transistor logic circuits are highlighted. The different members of pass-transistor logic family are introduced. The static and switching characteristics of multi-input NOR and NAND gates based on gate logic are discussed in detail. The operation of MOS dynamic circuits are explained and charge sharing and charge leakage problems associated with MOS dynamic circuits are introduced. The clock skew problem of MOS dynamic circuits is also discussed. The operation of domino-complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) and (NO Race) NORA-CMOS dynamic circuits is explained. Realization of several example functions, such as full adder, parity generator, and priority encoder, using the three logic styles is considered and their area and delay are compared.


Pass-transistor logic MOS dynamic circuits Complementary pass-transistor logic Swing-restored pass-transistor logic Double pass-transistor logic Charge sharing problem Charge leakage problem Clock skew Domino CMOS NORA CMOS Fan-in Fan-out Switching characteristic Pre-charge logic Priority encoder Parity generator 


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