Low-Power Software Approaches

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In this chapter, we focus on various software optimization techniques to reduce power consumption without any change in the underlying hardware. A power-aware software will not require any additional hardware, but will perform suitable optimization of software. Software optimization techniques can be broadly classified into two categories: machine-independent and machine-dependent. Machine-independent optimization techniques do not require any knowledge of the hardware architecture of the processor and can be used for any processor. Instead of the traditional compiler optimization techniques commonly used to reduce the execution time, optimization can be performed to reduce the power consumption keeping the computation time same. On the other hand, the machine-dependent optimization techniques exploit the architectural features of the target processor and the hardware platform.


Loop unrolling Dead-code elimination Code motion Inlining Code hoisting Loop-invariant computation Common sub-expression elimination Loop tiling Loop permutation Loop fusion Loop peeling Loop unswitching Strength reduction Software prefetching Prefetch distance 


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