Return Loss and Bandwidth Enhancement Using Back Fire Microstrip Patch Antenna

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In this paper, we investigated and proposed a design of backfire microstrip patch antenna with improved bandwidth and return loss. The proposed antenna was designed and fabricated with given set of parameters with suitable design equations and method of movement approach. The simulated result shows that bandwidth is around 37.5 %, return losses is approximately −45 dB, VSWR < 1.5 and directivity is 8 dBi. The hardware fabrication and testing is also performed and validation results are close to simulated results. The proposed antenna is suitable for S and C band.


Backfire microstrip patch antenna VSWR Bandwidth Directivity Coaxial/Probe feeding Flame retardant 4 (FR-4) 


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  1. 1.Aisect UniversityBhopalIndia
  2. 2.Sagar Institute of Science and TechnologyBhopalIndia

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