Software Coverage and Its Analysis Using ABC

  • Praveen Ranjan Srivastava
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 298)


In software development lifecycle (SDLC), software testing holds the primary importance. Software is tested to uncover errors that were made inadvertently as it was designed; this forces us to perform software testing in a way that requires reducing the testing effort but should provide high quality software that can yield comparable results. To accomplish this, we have implemented a unique technique which takes into consideration Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm. In Design Phase we have applied ABC on the Control Flow graph generated from the state diagram which then gives a test suite. In implementation phase newly proposed Algorithm takes CFG of the SUT and test suite from design phase as input and then generates an optimal test suite along with the software coverage. The resulting solution guarantees full path coverage keeping in view the design and implementation phase.


Software testing ABC (Artificial Bee Colony Optimization) Test-case Agents Path-coverage Optimal path Cyclomatic complexity CFG (Control Flow Graph) Test data 


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