An Analytical Investigation on Thermally Induced Vibrations of Non-homogeneous Tapered Rectangular Plate

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The goal of the present investigation is to study the temperature-thickness coupling problem of non-homogeneous rectangular plate with varying thickness. Authors assumed that temperature and thickness of the plate vary exponentially in x-direction only. Four sided clamped boundary condition with two term deflection function is considered. Due to non-homogeneity present in the plate’s material, variation in poisson’s ratio is assumed exponential in x-direction. An authentic and quite convenient Rayleigh–Ritz technique has been applied to obtain the fundamental frequencies for the first two modes of vibration. The effect of structural parameters such as taper constant, thermal gradient, non-homogeneity constant and aspect ratio on time period and deflection has been illustrated for first two modes of vibration. Results are calculated with great accuracy and presented in tabular form.


Vibration Thermal gradient Taper constant Aspect ratio Non-homogeneity constant Deflection 


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