Image and Template Security for Palmprint

  • Munaga V. N. K. Prasad
  • B. Adinarayana
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 243)


The wide spread use of biometrics in real world causes more security and privacy concerns to be raised, because conventional biometric systems store biometric templates as it is in database without any security, and this may lead to the possibility of tracking personal information stored in database; moreover, biometric templates are not revocable and are unusable throughout their life time once they are lost or stolen. To overcome this non-revocability of biometrics, we proposed two methods for image security and template security in this paper (these methods are also applicable for some of the biometric traits); for image security, we used chaotic mixing with watermarking technique; first chaotic mixing is applied to the host image, and then, this resultant image is embedded in a sample (cover or carrier) image, and if the intruder gets the chaotic mixed image, he/she cannot get back the original host image, and for template security, we shuffled the palmprint template according to the input random number. This shuffling scheme increases the imposter matching score leaving genuine matching score.


Chaotic mixing Watermarking Cryptography Log-Gabor filter Pearson correlation coefficient 


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