Modified LSB Method Using New Cryptographic Algorithm for Steganography

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Steganography is different from Cryptography, Steganography is the process of hiding the information so that no one will try to decrypt the information, where as in Cryptography it is obvious that the message is encrypted, so that any one will try decrypting the message. In this paper, we are suggesting new methods to improve the security in data hiding, perhaps by combining steganography and cryptography. In this work, we propose a new encryption method that provides the cipher text as the same size of the plain text. We also presented an extensive classification of various steganographic methods that have used in the field of Data Security. We analyze both security and performance aspects of the proposed methods by PSNR values and proved that in the cryptographic point of view. The proposed method is feasible in such a way that it makes to intricate the steganalyst to retrieve the original information from the Stego-image even if he detect the presence of digital steganography. An embedded message in this method is perceptually indiscernible under normal observation and thus our proposed method achieves the imperceptibility. The volume of data or message to be embedded in this method is comparatively large and proved in Experimental Results hence the high capacity is also achieved.


Encryption Steganography Data hiding Cryptography 



We would like to express our gratitude to Velammal Engineering College in which where I am working, for providing to access all the resources . I would like to acknowledge Ms. Mary Elizabeth for her great support.


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