Steps Towards Web Ubiquitous Computing

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With evasion of digital convergence [1], computing has by and large pervaded into our environment. WWW has enhanced day-to-day life by utilizing information such as Location awareness, User-context awareness; touch API, mutation observer [2], and many more. The future [3] trends in ubiquitous computing [4] provide a great scope for innovation and value-added services. With approach of “computing being embedded,” the future sees its usage more pervasive and appealing. Web is evolving and so are supporting technologies (in terms of hardware technologies). Many real-life examples including augmented-reality, wearable technologies, gesture-based recognition systems, etc., are already in place illustrating its high-end usage. Such diverse future targeting billions of people and devices need streamlined approach. Some steps have already been taken care by World Wide Web consortium (W3C) to provide standards relating to API usage. In this paper, we highlight various aspects of web-ubiquitous computing and how they can be dealt w.r.t to their implementation.


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