Methods for Estimation of Structural State of Alkali Feldspars

  • T. N. Jowhar
Conference paper
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There is much interest in characterizing the variations in feldspar structures because of the abundance and importance of feldspars in petrologic processes and also due to their general significance in mineralogical studies of exsolution and polymorphism, especially order-disorder. With the appearance of new analytical and rapid methods of X-ray crystallographic study and computational techniques, the significance of feldspars in igneous and metamorphic rocks has increased tremendously. In this paper methods for estimation of structrural state of alkali feldspars is reviewed and discussed.


Alkali feldspars X-ray crystallography Lattice parameters Structural state Al-Si distribution 



Professor Ram S. Sharma and Professor V. K. S. Dave provided tremendous inspiration for this research work. The facilities and encouragement provided by Professor Anil K. Gupta, Director, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun, to carry out this research work is thankfully acknowledged.


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