Creating Network Test Setup Using Virtualization and Simulation

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How the virtualization and simulation can be used for creating network test setup? In research and development environment, there are multiple instances when the user has to test end-to-end network setup. During the development phase, the user may not have an access of end-to-end setup as other modules may be under development phase. In this scenario, he can create end-to-end network setup using simulation and virtualization to test his real module using hardware/software in loop concept. Hence tester integrates all three—simulation, virtualization, and his actual module to get close to real-world results. In this paper, we will explore how to create such a test setup specifically for networking and telecom applications. We will also explore mathematically how close the results of these test setups are to real world. To create this end-to-end network test setup, one needs to combine VM networks, simulators or simulated network, and actual applications as shown in Fig. 1. This test setup can be configurable as per the requirements.
Fig. 1

Possible conceptual network test setup derived from real complex network


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