Compression of Color Image by Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transfrom

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In this paper, we explore the use of Dual tree Complex wavelet Transform which is nearly shift invariant and directionally selective in two and higher dimensions. The multidimensional dual tree CWT is a nonseparable and is based on computationally efficient, Separable filter bank (FB). This paper describes how the complex wavelet transform with directional properties is designed and use of it in image compression. When we take the dual tree complex wavelet transform then many wavelet coefficients are close to zero and have intra-subband dependency. We further evaluate the performance of SPIHT coding schema for coding of those coefficients. The result of proposed schema gives higher rate of compression and lover MSE compared to the schema based of DWT. Dual tree complex wavelet transform-SPIHT schema outperform DWT based schema at lower bit rates.


Image compression Complex wavelet transform Image texture Dual tree SPIHT 


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