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Co-Web: A Tool for Collaborative Web Searching for Pre-Teens and Teens

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This paper presents a design case of a Rich Internet Application Co-Web: a collaborative work tool for pre-teens and teens to help collect, collaborate, organize and format information from the web for their school projects more holistically by enhancing their in-search and post-search experience. A user-centered design methodology was followed to help identify how teens and pre-teens use search engines and other technology tools in their daily life to collaboratively work on school projects and recognize the key real-world interactions, which help support this activity. This design solution proposes that integrating collaboration with family, friends and visualizing search keeps the user group interested and helps them retain and use the information they seek more cohesively within the existing search paradigms. This paper describes the design methodology, findings from co-design with participants and reflects on designing new web search interfaces that provide tools for collaborating.


Web search Collaboration Teenager Computer-supported cooperative work 


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