Two Stage Constrained Optimization Method to Design DC-Leakage Free Cosine Modulated Filter Banks for Image Compression

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In this paper, we discuss the design of prototype filters of cosine modulated filter banks for image compression application. The design problem is formulated as a two stage nonlinear constrained optimization problem i.e. combination of residual stopband energy and coding gain. The quadratic constraints are linearized and the objective function is minimized using constrained optimization by minimizing prototype filter tap weights satisfying dc-leakage free condition. Simulation results show that the proposed design method converges within a few iterations and that high performance cosine modulated filter banks with large stopband attenuation and coding gain are obtained and results analysed on different types of images.


Coding gain (CG) Cosine modulated filter bank (CMFB) Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) Perfect reconstruction (PR) Prototype filter Quadrature mirror filter (QMF) 


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