Ranking Sector Oriented Sense with Geographic Protocol

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There are several multicast routing protocols in MANET have been shown to large overhead due to high networks dynamic topology. In MANET, group communications are different form. Multicast is a fundamental service for supporting information exchanges and collaborative task execution among a group of users. To overcome these limitations the protocol termed as Stateless and Secure On Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (SODMRP) proposes a novel Zone based Geographic multicast protocol. Several virtual architectures are used in this protocol that avoids the difficulty in group membership management, packet forwarding and maintenance. Here, the GPRS are used to provide the location information of group members that will reduce the joining delay. The position information is efficiently used to reduce the route searching and tree structure maintenance. The scalability and the efficiency of proposed protocol are evaluated through simulations and quantitative analysis…Compared with existing protocol like SPBM our novel results demonstrate that proposed protocol has high packet delivery ratio, low control overhead and multicast group joining delay under all test scenarios with different moving speeds, node densities, number of groups and network sizes.


Routing Wireless networks Mobile ad hoc networks Location Geographic multicast Multicast Protocol 


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  1. 1.Assistant Professor, Department of Information TechnologyShri Angalamman College of Engineering and TechnologySiruganur, TrichyIndia

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