Recent advances in crop protection

pp 83-90


Bio-priming of Seeds

  • P. Parvatha ReddyAffiliated withIndian Institute of Horticultural Research

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Bio-priming is a new technique of seed treatment that integrates biological (inoculation of seed with beneficial organism to protect seed) and physiological aspects (seed hydration) of disease control. It is recently used as an alternative method for controlling many seed- and soil-borne pathogens. It is an ecological approach using selected fungal antagonists against the soil- and seed-borne pathogens. Biological seed treatments may provide an alternative to chemical control. Seed priming, osmo-priming and solid matrix priming were used commercially in many horticultural crops, as a tool to increase speed and uniformity of germination and improve final stand. However, if seeds are infected or contaminated with pathogens, fungal growth can be enhanced during priming, thus resulting in undesirable effects on plants. Therefore, seed priming alone or in combination with low dosage of fungicides and/or biocontrol agents has been used to improve the rate and uniformity emergence of seed and reduce damping-off disease.