Statistical Analysis of U-mart Experiments by Humans

Part of the Springer Series on Agent Based Social Systems book series (ABSS, volume 4)


Differing from the concept of an ‘error’ in the domain of natural science, a societal phenomenon consists of various substances and its transactions which are fundamental. Sadly, it is very difficult for we humans to understand all diversity as it is, so we need to simplify them to a state that we can understand them, without loosing its characteristics. By doing this, diversity is resolved to ‘principle,’ and based on that principle, it becomes possible to mention unmeasured substances and to predict the future. ‘Statistics’ is a method to do this. Although the same experimental and research results are obtained, if the statistical viewpoint is missed, we are obsessed with individual phenomenon that is no more than a part of diversity, and it prevents us from finding out the existing underlying principle.


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