Randomized Controlled Trials on Adjuvant Therapy for Gastric Cancer: Japanese Experience

  • Takeshi Sano
  • Mitsuru Sasako
  • Hitoshi Katai
  • Keiichi Maruyama


The treatment outcomes of gastric cancer in Japan have steadily improved over the past three decades [1], whereas those in Western countries are rather stable in a depressing status. The improvement in Japan seems to be largely attributable to the increase of early detection and consequent curative resection of the tumor. The impact of chemotherapy has been relatively small, and the results of noncurative resection or nonresectable cases remain poor.


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  • Mitsuru Sasako
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  • Hitoshi Katai
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  • Keiichi Maruyama
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  1. 1.Gastric Surgery DivisionNational Cancer Center HospitalTokyoJapan

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