Osteoporotic Vertebral Pseudarthrosis: Another Instability of the Spine

  • Kazuhiro Hasegawa
Conference paper


Idiopathic osteoporotic vertebral collapse or pseudarthrosis is reviewed in reference to clinical features, radiological characteristics, and recommended surgical treatment with a discussion of the pathomechanism proposed to date. Intravertebral instability derived from avascular necrosis and the resultant pseudarthrosis is considered a cause of incapacitating back pain or late neurological compromise. Although surgical treatments increasingly have been performed for patients with neurological deficit or prolonged incapacitating back pain, the surgery is still challenging in severe osteoporosis. An anterior procedure is more appropriate than a posterior one because the nature of the lesion is that of an anterior column deficiency with preserved posterior elements. The limitations of instrumentation surgery should be taken into account when assessing patients with severe osteoporosis. A less invasive and more effective procedure may become available in the future.

Key words

Intravertebral instability Osteoporosis Surgical treatment Vertebral pseudarthrosis 


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