Different Techniques of Graft Insertion

  • Sanjiv Vasa


There are three basic steps of hair transplantation: (1) harvesting, (2) graft preparation, and (3) implantation. Each step is of vital importance and should function smoothly to ensure a satisfactory outcome. It is like establishing a conveyer belt system. In the competition between harvesting methods FUE and strip, some surgeons have almost forgotten that harvesting makes only 1/3 of the procedure. The end result will also depend on the other two important steps of graft preparation and implantation.

For graft preparation, follicular units are first dissected under magnification to preserve follicular integrity and then segregated to be ready for implantation. Implantation consists of site creation and insertion of the graft into the created site.


Preformed slit Stick and place Implanter Implant handpiece 

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