Non-shaven Follicular Unit Extraction in East Asians: Pros and Cons

  • Young Geun Ryu


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) has many advantages when compared to strip surgery, including less downtime, less visible scarring, and a less invasive procedure. However, the exposure of the surgery site with a total shaven trim after surgery can be a discomfort to patients. Accordingly, non-shaven FUE can be an alternative to conventional FUE methods, particularly as East Asians culturally preferring not to be totally shaved. In addition, specific hair follicle features of East Asians should be taken into account during the procedure, such as longer length, variable curvature, and moderate tethering which make the procedure more difficult than in Caucasians. This method takes 15–20% longer than conventional FUE; therefore, the operator must maintain good quality control of the operation team and pay attention to the out-of-body time of extracted follicles to avoid desiccation. Non-shaven FUE has a promising future in hair transplantation and can be used for various surgical options.


Hair transplantation None-shaven FUE East Asian 


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