Linear and Nonlinear Optical Molecular Switches Based on Photochromic Metal Complexes

  • Véronique Guerchais
  • Julien Boixel
  • Hubert Le Bozec


This chapter is devoted to our works made in the area of photochromic organometallic compounds which can be used for the photomodulation of the quadratic nonlinear optical (NLO) properties and for the photoregulation of the emission properties of the resulting systems. The first part is related to the design of chromophores combining two types of dithienylethene (DTE)-based bipyridine ligands with different metal fragments (ReI, FeII, RuII, IrIII, CuI, ZnII) which give rise to multi-photochromic metal complexes. The photoregulation of their quadratic nonlinear optical (NLO) properties, as well as their luminescence properties, is then discussed. The last part deals with the synthesis, photochromic properties, and NLO-switching behavior of Cyclometallated platinum (II) complexes containing two types of DTE units bound to the metal through an alkynyl linkage.


Photochromes Metal complexes Bipyridines Alkynyl ligands Nonlinear optics Luminescence 



We are grateful to the very talented graduate students and colleagues for their outstanding contributions; their names are given in the references. This work has been financially supported by ANR (BLANC COMET), LEA Rennes-Durham (Molecular Materials and Catalysis) and the Région Bretagne.


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  • Julien Boixel
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  • Hubert Le Bozec
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