Ovarian Tissue Freezing and Transplantation: Current Status

  • Jacques DonnezEmail author
  • Marie-Madeleine Dolmans


Purpose of Review

To carefully evaluate a number of critical points related to ovarian tissue freezing and present factual data in terms of live birth rates and risks.

Recent Findings

Reimplantation of frozen-thawed ovarian tissue remains an experimental procedure according to the ASRM, despite more than 40 live births reported in the literature.


This manuscript emphasizes the crucial importance of not only pre serving fertility in young women, but also clearly explaining to patients the different available options and their respective success rates.

Some previously published reviews have reported inaccurate reimplantation success rates. In this review, we report the true picture, with a live birth rate of 25 %.

Ovarian tissue freezing may be combined with pickup of immature oocytes (at the time of ovarian biopsy and tissue removal) or mature oocytes (if chemotherapy can be delayed).


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