Cold Atom Magnetometers

  • Yujiro Eto
  • Mark Sadrove
  • Takuya Hirano
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 911)


Detection of weak magnetic fields with high spatial resolution is an important technology for various applications such as biological imaging, detection of MRI signals and fundamental physics. Cold atom magnetometry enables 10−11 T/\(\sqrt{\text{Hz}}\) sensitivities at the micron scale, that is, at the scale of a typical biological cell size. This magnetometry takes advantage of unique properties of atomic gaseous Bose-Einstein condensates with internal spin degrees of freedom. In this chapter, we first overview various state-of-the-art magnetometers, addressing their sensitivities and spatial resolutions. Then we describe properties of spinor condensates, ultracold atom magnetometers, and the latest research developments achieved in the FIRST project, especially for the detection of alternate current magnetic fields using a spin-echo-based magnetometer. We also discuss future prospects of the magnetometers.


Magnetometry Spinor Bose-Einstein condensate Ramsey interferometry Spin echo 



We would like to thank H. Ikeda, H. Suzuki, S. Hasegawa, Y. Tomiyama, S. Sekine, and H. Saito for their contribution to the research reported in this chapter. We also thank T. Ichikawa, S. Tojo and T. Kuwamoto for valuable discussions.


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