Superconductor-Diamond Hybrid Quantum System

  • Kouichi SembaEmail author
  • Fumiki Yoshihara
  • Jan E. S. Johansson
  • Xiaobo Zhu
  • Norikazu Mizuochi
  • William J. Munro
  • Shiro Saito
  • Kosuke Kakuyanagi
  • Yuichiro Matsuzaki
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 911)


This chapter describes recent progress on research into superconducting flux qubit, NV diamond, and superconductor-diamond hybrid quantum systems. First, we describe important physical properties of superconducting macroscopic artificial atoms i.e., the tunability of the qubit energy level spacing, the coherence property, an example of strong coupling to another quantum system such as an LC harmonic oscillator, and qubit state readout through a Josephson bifurcation amplifier. We then introduce the NV center in diamond as an intriguing candidate for quantum information processing, which offers excellent multiple accessibility via visible light, microwaves and magnetic fields. Finally, we describe the superconducting flux qubit – NV centers in a diamond hybrid quantum system.


Superconducting qubit Quantum coherence Diamond Spin ensemble NV center Quantum memory Dark state Josephson bifurcation amplifier 


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  • Xiaobo Zhu
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  • Norikazu Mizuochi
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  • William J. Munro
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  • Shiro Saito
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  • Kosuke Kakuyanagi
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  • Yuichiro Matsuzaki
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  3. 3.Chinese Academy of SciencesThe Institute of PhysicsBeijingChina
  4. 4.Graduate School of Engineering ScienceOsaka UniversityToyonakaJapan
  5. 5.NTT Basic Research LaboratoriesAtsugiJapan

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