Haptic Interaction

Volume 277 of the series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering pp 253-259


FeelCraft: User-Crafted Tactile Content

  • Oliver SchneiderAffiliated withDisney Research PittsburghUniversity of British Columbia Email author 
  • , Siyan ZhaoAffiliated withDisney Research Pittsburgh
  • , Ali IsrarAffiliated withDisney Research Pittsburgh

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Despite ongoing research into delivering haptic content, users still have no accessible way to add haptics to their experiences. Lack of haptic media infrastructure, few libraries of haptic content, and individual differences all provide barriers to creating mainstream haptics . In this paper, we present an architecture that supports generation of haptic content, haptic content repositories, and customization of haptic experiences. We introduce FeelCraft, a software plugin that monitors activities in media and associates them with expressive tactile patterns known as feel effects. The FeelCraft plugin allows end users to quickly generate haptic effects, associate them to events in the media, play them back for testing, save them, share them, and/or broadcast them to other users to feel the same haptic experience. The FeelCraft architecture supports both existing and future media content, and can be applied to a wide range of social, educational, and assistive applications.


Feel effect Haptic authoring Haptic broadcasting Haptic media