Detection of Inserted Text in Images

Part of the Mathematics for Industry book series (MFI, volume 4)


It is possible to embed text into images using an image-editing software, and this can be used to make misleading or unfounded claims in advertisements, which do not comply with advertising standards. To monitor the large volume of advertising that now exists on the Internet, it is desirable to automatically detect and read the text inserted into images. Here we describe a technique to determine regions of images corresponding to inserted text using the FAST algorithm, by finding corners in the image that lie along a straight line, which we term a supercorner. We then create a graph by connecting supercorners and apply cost functions describing the geometrical relations between the corners. Using a graph cut algorithm, we can separate the text from the background. Using this method in a sample set of 130 images with inserted text, we were able to detect 81 % of the inserted text with a false positive rate of only 4 %.


Supercorner Fast Graph cut Inserted text Energy function Edge cost 


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