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Periodic Void Formation

  • Shin-ichi TodorokiEmail author
Part of the NIMS Monographs book series (NIMSM)


Periodicity is the most impressive feature of fiber fuse damage. However, the damaging action wears a veil of blinding light emission. Therefore, periodic void formation process is reproduced as an animation of fused damage photographs. In cylindrical mode, periodic separation of a small void from the hollow silica melt behind the traveling plasma and successive asymmetric compression makes the void bullet-like shape. In addition, two types of periodic voids are seen in unstable mode. They are brought about by transient structural variation of the plasma tail.


Fiber fuse Periodic voids Void separation Self-pumping 


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  1. 1.Photonic Materials UnitNational Institute for Materials ScienceIbarakiJapan

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