The Suanxue Qimeng and Its Influence on Japanese Mathematics

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The Suanxue Qimeng (the Introduction of Mathematics) was written by Zhu Shijie in 1299 during the Yuan dynasty. The book had been lost in the Ming dynasty but was conserved in Korea and reprinted several times as mathematical textbook for the education of mathematical experts of the Korean dynasty. In the last decade of the 16th century a copy of the book was transferred to Japan. In the Edo period in Japan, the book was reprinted several times with annotation. The last chapter of the book explained the procedure of celestial element (tianyuanshu or tengen jutsu), a method for representing a polynomial of one variable with numerical coefficients by a column vector of its coefficients. Having mastered this procedure, Seki Takakazu generalized it in such a way that polynomials of several variables could be handled with.


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