An Early Japanese Work on Chinese Mathematics in Vietnam: Yoshio Mikami’s Study of the Vietnamese Mathematical Treatise Chi Minh Toan Phap

  • Alexei VolkovEmail author
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In 1934 Yoshio Mikami (1875–1950) published a paper devoted to the Vietnamese mathematical treatise Guide [towards] Understanding of Calculational Methods Chi Minh Toan Phap. His analysis of several topics discussed in the treatise (representation of numbers with counting rods, format of multiplication table, generic problems of various categories, etc.) allowed him to advance hypotheses concerning the origin and the time of compilation of the treatise. The book studied by Mikami nowadays is not available. In the present paper the author examines Mikami’s work and provides a description of the Vietnamese mathematical treatise Chi Minh Lap Thanh Toan Phap by Phan Huy Khuong (preface 1820) textually close to that investigated by Mikami.


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