Institutionalized Incentives for Ingenuity — Patent Value and the German Employees’ Inventions Act

  • Karin Hoisl
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In 2001, the EU15 countries invested a total of €175.5 billion in research and development activities. Approximately two thirds of this amount were R&D expenditures made by business enterprises, the remainder shared by publicly financed research institutions and academia. Almost 70 percent of these investments are expenditures for R&D personnel. Yet, it is surprising how little attention is given to the transformational process behind these numbers. Clearly, the development of ideas and new concepts is financed by the funds just summarized. But the actual work is done by inventors, either in corporate labs, in publicly financed research institutions or in academic research, and their motivation and incentives should matter greatly for Europe’s chances of becoming more successful in global technology markets.


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