Development and Evaluation of two Dynamic Planning Procedures

  • Steffen Schorpp


In this chapter two dynamic planning approaches are developed: an Insertion based procedure with Multiple Neighborhood Search (Section 4.1) and an Assignment based procedure (Section 4.2). Both procedures are directed - as an intermediate step on the way to the actual real-life planning situation - to the local area capacitated MLPDPTW, for which a detailed problem specification has been given in Section 2.3. In Section 4.3 the procedures’ specific characteristics are compared, elaborating the main differences. Afterwards, some test data sets - self-generated as well as taken from the literature - are introduced (Section 4.4). These data sets are used for a comparison of the procedures’ performance and also to gain some general insights to dynamic problems (Section 4.5). Finally, one procedure is chosen for adaptation to the actual real-life scenario (Section 4.6).


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