The Ideology of Design: A Critical Appreciation of the Design Science Discourse in Information Systems and Wirtschaftsinformatik

  • Bernd Carsten Stahl


The discipline of information systems (IS) has been likened to a ‘fragmented adhocracy’ (Landry a. Banville 1992, p. 82). It has emerged from a number of diverse ‘reference disciplines’ (Lee 1991; Lyytinen a. King 2004; Hirschheim a. Klein 2003) whose understanding of research, truth and practice share little common ground. To some degree this may be a good thing because it ensures that debates in IS continue to be lively and interesting (Paul 2002). On the other hand, there is a certain amount of confusion among IS practitioners and academics as to what they are supposed and allowed to do. One consequence of this is a continuous struggle about criteria for the evaluation of research output as evidenced by the debate on rigour and relevance in IS in the Communications of the AIS.


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