Applications to Integration in Locally Compact Hausdorff Spaces — Part II

Part of the Monografie Matematyczne book series (MONOGRAFIE, volume 69)


In the sequel, T denotes a locally compact Hausdorff space and U, C, C0 are as in Definition 4.6.4 of Chapter 4. Then B(T) = σ(U), the σ-algebra of the Borel sets in T; B c (T) = σ(C), the σ-ring of the σ-Borel sets in T and B0(T) = σ(C0), the σ-ring of the Baire sets in T. δ(C) and δ(C0) denote the δ-rings generated by C and C0.


Banach Space Vector Measure Uniqueness Part Integrability Criterion Riesz Representation Theorem 
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