Bacterial infections of the liver

  • Hilmar Wisplinghoff
  • Darryn L. Appleton
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Bacterial infections of the liver can be categorised into three entities: acute bacterial hepatitis, bacterial liver abscesses and granulomatous liver disease caused by bacteria. A broad spectrum of bacteria has been implicated in different forms of hepatic infections, and a wide variety of systemic bacterial infections affect the liver during the course of infection. Clinical symptoms, causative pathogens and therapeutic approaches overlap widely. Most bacterial infections that affect the liver cause secondary hepatitis with only discrete clinical and laboratory findings. Standard diagnostic procedures including physical examination, imaging and microbiological cultures will usually be sufficient to detect and ascertain the bacterial causes of hepatitis. Therapy of bacterial infections of the liver usually includes antimicrobial chemotherapy according to standard guidelines for the underlying disease and the identified pathogen as well as additional invasive therapy which may be required for certain manifestations.


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