Results and indications of lumbar chemonucleolysis

  • J. Roucoules
  • J.-D. Laredo
  • M. Bard
  • D. Kuntz


Chemonucleolysis (CN) consists of dissolution of the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc and of its herniated fragments by a locally injected enzyme. Among feasible chemical agents, chymopapain is the only substance which has been extensively studied because of its great affinity for the nucleus pulposus. CN is used to treat nerve root pain due to a herniated disc resistant to prolonged medical management. CN has two advantages over surgery: CN obviates the need for general anesthesia and surgical exposure of the spinal canal which may be complicated by epidural fibrosis. However, because chymopapain is inactive against nerve root compression of bony origin, careful radiologic assessment is necessary for proper patient selection.


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