Malignant Brain Tumors in Children

  • G. Jacobi
  • B. Kornhuber


Among all children suffering from malignant disease brain tumors take the 2nd place: 12–24% after leukemia (31–42%). They are followed by lymphoma (7–13%), neuroblastoma and Wilm’s tumor (8–10% each), and tumors of the bones and the gastrointestinal tract (4–5% each)223, 281, 435.451. Brain tumor incidence shows no differences between white and colored children451.


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anterior inferior cerebellar artery






brain stem acustic evoked responses


blood-brain barrier




Childrens’ Cancer Study Group


carcinoma embryonic antigen




cranial nerve


central nervous system






cerebrospinal fluid


computerized tomography


citrovorum factor


embryonal carcinoma






endodermal sinus tumor (yolk sac tumor)


growth hormone releasing factor


glioblastoma multiforme


German pediatric oncologists


human chorionic gonadotropin


hypophyseal growth hormone


intracranial pressure






luteinizing hormone






medial lemniscus




high-dose methotrexate


middle high-dose MTX


nuclear magnetic resonance tomography










posterior fossa


posterior inferior cerebellar artery


prolactin inhibiting factor


choroid plexus papilloma


primitive neuro-ectodermal tumor


radiation therapy


Société Internationale d’Oncologie Pédiatrique






visual evoked cortical potentials


VUMON® (VM26, teniposide)


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