Interaction of Agrobacterium tumefaciens with the Plant Cell Surface

  • A. G. Matthysse
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Infection of a wound site on a dicotyledonous plant by Agrobacterium tumefaciens results in the formation of crown gall tumors. These tumor cells contain bacterial plasmid DNA sequences integrated in the plant chromosomal DNA. The transfer of plasmid DNA from the bacterium to the plant host cell is presumed to require intimate contact between the cells involved; however, there is little information available on the mechanism of this DNA transfer. The earlier steps in the interaction of Agrobacterium with the plant host cell prior to DNA transfer have received considerable attention. While not all of the details of this interaction are clear, it is still one of the best understood examples of the surface interaction and recognition between a phytopathogenic bacterium and a plant cell. This is due to the large amount of effort currently expended on research with Agrobacterium,to the availability of tissue culture model systems, and to the availability of some genetic information about the bacterium.


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