Contributions to the Pathogenesis of Parinaud’s Syndrome. Vertical Gaze Paralysis Following Bilateral Stereotaxic Lesion in the Interstitial Nucleus Region

  • K. Nittner
  • I. N. Petrovici
Conference paper
Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 21)


In 1886, Parinaud described a case of paralysis of the upward gaze in patients with lesions in the upper midbrain. The most frequent cause of this syndrome is a tumour (pinealoma) compressing the quadrigeminal plate. Less commonly, vascular disease and occasionally infection (encephalitis) may yield such a clinical picture. Although as early as 1905 Spiller demonstrated that the superior colliculi play no significant role in eye movements, especially in the vertical plane, some authors persist in attributing a faulty upward gaze in the case of lesions situated in the region of the tectum to involvement of the superior colliculus. This was disproved by Dereux (1926), Angelergues et al. (1957), and Christoff et al. (1962) in man, by Sager and Voiculescu (1950) in the cat and by Pasik and Pasik (1964) and Pasik et al. (1966) in the monkey.


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  • I. N. Petrovici
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