The limits of the frontal lobe are defined by Sulcus centralis, Fissura longitudinalis, the anterior portion of Fissura lateralis (Sylvii), the border between Gyrus rectus and Lamina terminalis, as well as the orbital gyri and Substantia perforata ant. The distance of Gyrus praecentralis from Bregma varies considerably (Fig. 53). > 50 mm laterally to Bregma the precentral region closely approaches the coronal suture (Fig. 53). In the polar region of the frontal lobe at a lateral distance of 30 mm from the midline Pars orbitalis of Gyrus front. III is approached, and thus, in the dominant hemisphere, the motor speech centre (Fig. 53). Of the measurements in Fissura longitudinalis (Fig. 54) the most important is the distance of Genu corporis callosi and the knee of A. pericallosa from the frontal pole. The anterior border of Substantia perforata ant., which coincides with the base of Trigonum olfactorium and with the bifurcation of A. carotis interna (Fig. 54), is difficult to localize from the polar area because of the deep basal curvature of the orbital brain medially.


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