General Stability Bounds in Perturbed Systems

  • Alexander Weinmann


Solving the linear first-order time-varying differential equation the
$$\dot x(t) = a(t)x(t) + u(t)$$
homogeneous differential equation
$$\dot x(t) = a(t)x(t){\rm{ or }}\frac{{\dot x(t)}}{{x(t)}} = \frac{d}{{dt}}\ln x(t) = a(t)$$
is considered first.
$$In{\rm{ }}x(t) = \int_{{t_o}}^t {a(\tau } ) + \ln {\rm{ }}k$$
$$x(t) = k{\rm{ exp }}\int_{{t_o}}^t {a(\tau )d\tau \underline{\underline \Delta } } k\varphi (t,{t_o})$$


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