Cryoimmunology and Cryoimmunotherapy

Cryochemotherapy. An Animal Experiment and Clinical Evidence
  • Shunichi Ikekawa


Disturbance of the microcirculation occurs in the frozen tissue after cryosurgery. Immediately after the thawing phase, the vessels of the frozen tissue are constricted for a moment followed by vasodilatation, hyperemia, and vascular stasis. Accordingly thrombosis and complete circulation arrest develop (8,19) leading to tissue death (cryonecrosis). In an experiment using Syrian hamster cheek pouch, Zacarian et al. (19) found that injected Evans blue leaked around the vessels during the thawing phase, while the circulation had been completely arrested. We empirically knew of a synergistic effect of a combination of cryosurgery and an anticancer drug, as Benson (4,5) reported the effectiveness of treating squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck by a combination of cryosurgery and regional intraarterial continuous infusion chemotherapy for 48 hours. The patients with primary and advanced carcinoma or recurrent carcinoma who received 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) had a good prognosis.


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