Cryosurgical Urology

  • Douglas Chinn


One of the earliest roles of urologic cryosurgery was the treatment of BPH. A transurethral approach was utilized with liquid nitrogen. A single closed probe system, using liquid nitrogen, was placed transurethrally. Transrectal digital palpation and/or thermocouple monitoring were used to help monitor the freezing process. Suprapubic cystoscopy was used to monitor the bladder neck. This treatment was usually reserved for patients with very large glands and severe symptoms, but who were not good surgical candidates for conventional procedures (1). For unknown reasons, the focus of modern cryosurgery has since its advent been on malignant tissue. Perhaps this is due in part to the large number of excellent treatment choices available for BPH by the time a multiprobe liquid nitrogen system was developed (2). The extensive clinical experience in treating prostate cancer with cryosurgery has clearly demonstrated the efficacy of this method in decreasing prostate volume as measured by ultrasound in post cryosurgical biopsies.


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