Definition of Trepanations Dependent from Target Areas

  • Wolfgang Seeger


It may not be difficult for a well-experienced neurosurgeon, to define exactly the location for trepanation dependent upon the target areas. Especially neurosurgeons with artistic talents, painters, e.g., may have a good feeling for exact locations. But this feeling is an artistic and not a scientifical kind of thinking. Scientific thinking must be controllable in an exact manner. This is most important for the young unexperienced neurosurgeon, with or without artistic talents. This chapter will try to help the unexperienced neurosurgeon to use methods for measuring in order to define the locations of trepanations, which may be controlled at a skull dissection. These controls may be more exact if different methods are combined and they may have the same result. Simple failures in calculating distance measurements may produce fatal errors at operation. Therefore it is necessary that an experienced neurosurgeon control the preoperative definition of the trepanation.


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