Frontal Tumors

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  • Wolfgang Seeger


The frontal area of the skull (Squama frontalis of Os frontale) and Lobus frontalis of the brain are not congruent, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. Pars obitalis of Os frontale has topographical relationships only with lateral anterior parts of the orbital gyri. Medial frontobasal gyri (Gyri recti) covers Os ethmoidale, lateral and medial posterior gyri covers Ala minor and Planum sphenoidale of the sphenoid bone and overly temporal pole, Chiasma and carotid arteries. The most important landmark for planning strategies is Bregma. Mostly it can be identified by x-ray-studies (Fig. 1 C), by MRI (Fig. 1 B), and sometimes by palpation of the head 13 cm dorsal from Nasion (if Sinus front, is wide, in acromegalia e.g., or in aboriginal people of Australia, e.g., 14–15 cm). Here, in the midline, the distance between Sutura coronalis and Sulcus centralis of the brain is maximal. Sulcus praecentralis ends lateral from midline, 2–3 cm posterior from Sutura coronalis (Fig. 1 A).


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