Coding for Discrete Markov Sources

  • Giuseppe Longo
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Consider a finite Markov chain φ having K states \({J_1},{J_2}, \ldots ,{J_k}\) and defined by the initial probability distribution
$${\Pi _0} = {\left[ {{P_1} \cdots {P_k}} \right]^{\left. + \right)}}$$
and by the transition probability matrix
$$\Pi = \left[ {\begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {{{\text{P}}_{{\text{11}}}}{{\text{P}}_{{\text{12}}}} \cdots {{\text{P}}_{{\text{1k}}}}} \\ {{{\text{p}}_{{\text{k1}}}}{{\text{p}}_{{\text{k}}2}} \cdots {{\text{p}}_{{\text{kk}}}}} \end{array}} \right].$$


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