Spherical Shell

  • M. Esslinger
  • B. Geier
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In striving to fully understand the mechanism of initial imperfection sensitivity, let us briefly recall the stability behavior of flat plates and circular cylinders. In each of these structures the relationship between the buckling and the postbuckling loads was definitively attributable to the imperfection sensitivity of the structure. Thus in the case of flat plates the postbuckling loads are higher than the buckling load and, hence, we conclude that flat plates are imperfection insensitive. In the case of cylinders under external pressure, the postbuckling loads are slightly below the buckling load and so, cylinders under external pressure are imperfection sensitive to a small degree. With cylinders under axial loading the postbuckling loads are quite below the buckling load, hence, axially loaded cylinders are imperfection sensitive to a very high degree.


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