Quasiisothermic Mesh Layout

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The quality of a quad-mesh depends on the shape of the individual quadrilaterals. The ideal shape from an architectural point of view is the planar square or rectangles with fixed aspect ratio. A parameterization that divides a surface into such shapes is called isothermic, i.e., angle-preserving and curvature-aligned. Such a parameterization exists only for the special class of isothermic surfaces. We extend this notion and introduce quasiisothermic parameterizations for arbitrary triangulated surfaces.

We describe an algorithm that creates quasiisothermic meshes. Interestingly many surfaces appearing in architecture are close to isothermic surfaces, namely those coming from form finding methods and physical simulation. For those surfaces our method works particularly well and gives a high quality and robust mesh layout. We show how to optimize such meshes further to obtain disk packing representations. The quadrilaterals of these meshes are planar and possess touching incircles.


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