Linear Partial Differential Equations and Linear Partial Differential Operators in Computer Algebra

  • Ekaterina ShemyakovaEmail author
  • Franz Winkler
Part of the Texts & Monographs in Symbolic Computation book series (TEXTSMONOGR)


In this survey paper we describe our recent contributions to symbolic algorithmic problems in the theory of Linear Partial Differential Operators (LPDOs). Such operators are derived from Linear Partial Differential Equations in the usual way. The theory of LPDOs has a long history, dealing with problems such as the determination of differential invariants, factorization, and exact methods of integration. The study of constructive factorization have led us to the notion of obstacles to factorization, to the construction of a full generating set of invariants for bivariate LPDOs of order 3, to necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a factorization in terms of generating invariants, and a result concerning multiple factorizations of LPDOs. We give links to our further work on generalizations of these results to n-variate LPDOs of arbitrary order.


Linear Partial Differential Operators (LPDOs) Invariant Laplacian Laplace Transformation Method Incomplete Factorization Formal Adjoint 
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This work was supported by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) in the projects SFB F013/F1304 and DIFFOP, Nr. P20336-N18.


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