Luca Forcucci

Artist in the Brain Mind Institute (BMI) | EPFL, Lausanne


I spent the first month immersed in my new environment and I was surprised to discover that there were 3 labs who were intensely interested in my presence: The Laboratory of Neuroenergetics and Cellular Dynamics (LNDC), The Digital Holographic Microscope group (DHM) and the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (LNCO). I made a tour and as an initial introduction, the scientists from these labs explained the aims and methods of their respective research foci. The researchers at the LNDC gave me an introduction to the terminology and the composition of parts of the brain and their respective functions. One of their main achievements of research is the discovery of the astrocyte-neuron lactate shuttle by Prof. Dr. Pierre Magistretti. Pascal Jourdain from the DHM lab taught me about holography and how the microscope works to visualize cognitive stimulation. The team at LNCO introduced me to their research interests, which are based on the body and the potentials for self-consciousness. The vocabulary of such research is vast and I had to attend seminars, read papers and books in order to understand what they were talking about.


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